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Integrated comfort modules for heating, cooling and ventilation

PARASOL is the generic name of a family of products consisting of comfort modules. The modules are designed to supplement one another and together create optimal room comfort.

The comfort modules operate on a basic principle that is closely akin to that of chilled beams. The difference is mainly that the comfort module distributes air in four directions instead of two. This maximizes the area where supply air is mixed with room air so that the modules discharge air at high capacity, yet they do not occupy more ceiling space than necessary.

The comfort modules are also optimized to quickly mix the discharged air with room air providing better comfort in the room. In heating applications, this technique can be advantageously utilized to efficiently provide provide heat along the ceiling.

Adjustable spread pattern

The easily adjustable nozzles in combination with Swegon ADCII (Anti-Draught Control), offer maximal flexibility if changes in the room layout become necessary.

All the sides can be set independently of one another so that the comfort module can distribute more or less air and simultaneously discharge air in whatever direction desired in the room.

Modules: Supply air Supply air and cooling Supply air, cooling and heating (water) Supply air, cooling and electric heating

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Technical specifications


Primary airflow: Up to 85 l/s
Pressure range: 50 till 150 Pa
Total cooling capacity: Up to 2055 W
Heating capacity: Water Up to 2700 W
  Electric: Up to 1000 W
Sizes: Parasol 600: 584 x 584 mm
592 × 592 mm
598 × 598 mm
617 × 617 mm
623 × 623 mm
642 × 642 mm
667 × 667 mm
Height: 220 mm
   Parasol 1200: 1184 × 584 mm
1192 × 592 mm
1198 × 598 mm
1242 × 617 mm
1248 × 623 mm
1292 × 642 mm
1342 × 667 mm
Height: 220 mm / 240* mm
    *=Parasol 1200 PF

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Quick guide, Flexible Hoses SYST FH Instruction 73.6kB pdf
Certified - Test standards Confirmation Quality 162.69kB pdf
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Submittal Sheet PARASOLc, U.S. version Others 98.4kB pdf
Installaton-Commissioning-Maintenance PARASOLc-m U.S.version Instruction 2.43MB pdf
Declaration of conformity (CE), variant X PARASOL-X Quality 184.74kB pdf
Overview - Waterborne climate systems (SPREAD) Water Overview Brochure 5.61MB pdf
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