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Cooling & heating production

Energy efficient cooling and heating production for all climates. Swegon’s highly efficient chillers and heat pumps are available in several different configurations. They satisfy all specifications for projects within comfort, IT applications and industry.


High efficiency natural refrigerant full inverter reversible heat pump. Boasting Eurovent certified performance and currently the lowest TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) and carbon footprint in the marketplace

ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year.


BlueBox OMICRON Zero

High efficiency multi-functional units for large 4-pipes system. Using R290 as a near zero GWP, natural refrigerant solution. Up to 70°C hot water. High TER 7.75 (W45 A7 / W7 A35). Eurovent certified performance.

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BlueBox GEYSER Sky R0

Full inverter reversible heat pump with natural R290 future proof refrigerant. Ideal for boiler replacement, providing high comfort thanks to the variable speed technology.

ACR News Commercial Heat Pump Product of the Year.

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