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COMPACT Air Brochure (pdf 922.19kB) COMPACT Air Brochure 11/01/2021
BIM RX TOP (zip 8.46MB) GLOBAL RX TOP Engineering 13/05/2020
GLOBAL PX TOP Technical sheet (pdf 10.7MB) TAC6 Technical catalogue 21/10/2022
Wiring composite fan GLOBAL RX TOP TAC6 (pdf 211.85kB) TAC6 Engineering 03/09/2021
GLOBAL RX TOP Technical sheet (pdf 4.32MB) TAC6 Technical catalogue 15/03/2024
Datasheet ESENSA TOP (pdf 5.11MB) ESENSA Technical catalogue 29/01/2024
Wiring composite fan GLOBAL PX TOP 04-16 TAC5 (pdf 609.07kB) TAC5 Engineering 13/10/2021
Wiring composite fan GLOBAL PX TOP 05-18 TAC6 (pdf 246.77kB) TAC6 Engineering 03/09/2021
Quick Guide - AHU (pdf 4.77MB) GOLD, SILVER C, COMPACT, GLOBAL, ESENSA, CLASS UNIT, CASA, MURAL Brochure 18/06/2024
VOC sensor (GOLD/COMPACT LP, Unit & Top) (pdf 178.7kB) TBLZ-1-60-2-2 IOM Manual 26/06/2019
Flowchart RX TOP/RX (pdf 308.3kB) GLOBAL RX TOP/RX IOM Manual 19/12/2018
Cooling unit, installation and maintenance (COOL DX version G/COOL DX Top version F/G) (pdf 2.98MB) COOL DX/COOL DX Top IOM Manual 05/07/2021
Overview - GOLD/SILVER/COMPACT (pdf 6.64MB) GOLD/SILVER/COMPACT Brochure 06/04/2022
Web page manual (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 661.6kB) COMPACT IOM Manual 24/05/2018
BIM PX TOP (zip 6.4MB) GLOBAL PX TOP Engineering 27/05/2020
Electric air heater (GOLD/SILVER C/COMPACT) (pdf 229.69kB) TBCE/TBRE/TCLE-02 IOM Manual 27/11/2023
Stand (GOLD/SILVER C SD 004-008/COMPACT) (pdf 179.38kB) TBLZ-1-aa-04/TBLZ-1-03-05 IOM Manual 24/05/2018
Electric air heater (COMPACT Air) (pdf 198.01kB) CARE-1-01 IOM Manual 24/06/2019
Room/outdoor temp. sensor (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 295.07kB) TBLZ-1-24-2/TBLZ-1-24-3 IOM Manual 17/10/2019
Protocol, version 1.00 and newer (COMPACT) (pdf 443.12kB) Metasys N2 open Others 24/06/2019
Compact comfort module for hotels and hospital wards (pdf 7.03MB) PARAGON Technical catalogue 24/04/2024
Air cooler (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 366.53kB) TBKA/TCKA, TBKC/TCKC IOM Manual 14/06/2022
GOLDen GATE Lonworks FTT-10 (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 285.63kB) TBLZ-41 IOM Manual 26/06/2019
Smoke detctor (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 195.48kB) TBLZ-2-49 IOM Manual 24/05/2018
Extension cable (GOLD/COMPACT) (pdf 57.6kB) TBLZ-1-05 IOM Manual 24/09/2019

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