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Installation instructions (pdf 622.77kB) CASA SET IOM Manual 18/04/2023
Fujitsu_Kassettenmodelle_2020 (pdf 2.85MB) Fujitsu_Kassettenmodelle_2020 Brochure 24/04/2020
CASA Climate Quick Guide (pdf 253.8kB) CASA Climate CCF IOM Manual 10/04/2024
Swegon CASA Genius R04CFRAME Dimensions of the mounting opening (pdf 969.93kB) GENIUS IOM Manual 01/09/2022
Swegon CASA R3 Technical catalogue (pdf 4.7MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 19/03/2024
Swegon CASA air handling units overview (pdf 750.68kB) SMART / GENIUS Brochure 11/03/2024
Swegon CASA R9 Technical data sheet (pdf 6.24MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 02/02/2024
Advanced setup CB1 TAC3 CA (pdf 88.69kB) TAC3 IOM Manual 30/10/2020
Swegon CASA W4xs Technical catalogue (pdf 6.16MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 31/01/2024
Swegon CASA R4-C Technical data sheet (pdf 6.41MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 02/11/2023
Swegon CASA R7 Technical data sheet (pdf 6.28MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 12/06/2024
Swegon CASA R5 Technical data sheet (pdf 6.22MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 19/03/2024
Swegon CASA W3xs Technical catalogue (pdf 6.14MB) GENIUS Technical catalogue 31/01/2024
CASA W3/W4 Smart Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 1.06MB) SMART/GENIUS Others 04/06/2020
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 627.64kB) Casa R7-H Smart Others 06/06/2019
Smart functions (pdf 3.83MB) CASA Smart Brochure 24/05/2018
Brochure (pdf 1.72MB) CASA F 15-25 Technical catalogue 28/11/2022
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 1.48MB) CASA R3 Smart Others 06/06/2019
Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Instuctions (pdf 2.48MB) CASA Climate CCF IOM Manual 10/04/2024
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 639.28kB) CASA W5 Smart Others 06/06/2019
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 617.25kB) CASA R9-H Smart Others 06/06/2019
Declaration of Conformity (pdf 117.49kB) CASA Hoods Quality 19/04/2023
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 783.18kB) CASA R7 Smart Others 06/06/2019
Overview (pdf 2.52MB) CASA F Brochure 04/07/2023
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 819.18kB) CASA W9 Smart Others 06/06/2019

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