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Document Article Document type Size Format Download
Instructions for Use (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Instructions 2.61MB pdf
Installation instructions Swegon Connect Instructions 528.64kB pdf
Swegon Connected Services Swegon Connect, BlueEye Brochure 807.24kB pdf
Communication unit to WISE (WISE gen. 2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Product sheet 1.08MB pdf
Building product declaration Swegon Connect Quality 394.47kB pdf
Quick guide - WISE (WISE gen.2) WISE gen.2 Brochure 2.35MB pdf
Project Planning Guide - Electricity, Control WISE Product sheet 7.52MB pdf
SuperWISE BACnet PICS (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE, BACnet Others 672.59kB pdf
User manual (WISE gen.2) SuperWISE II, SuperWISE II SC Instructions 3.45MB pdf
Project Planning Guide - Heating, Cooling, Ventilation WISE Product sheet 12.11MB pdf
Accessories GOLD Product sheet 5.19MB pdf