What is indoor climate?

The indoor climate is a combination of numerous environmental factors in our premises. However, these factors are invisible and intangible, and they are associated with a variety of terms and concepts. Here we have gathered a wide range of useful entry points to learn more. The historical background, explanations of the terminology and an introduction to some of the basic principles are to be found below.

From natural draught to mechanical ventilation

The indoor climate is, and has always been, an essential element of architecture and building construction. Building structures in historic times had to rely on the physical laws of nature while today's construction design has the advantage of sophisticated mechanical solutions. 


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Today, going from CAV to VAV or DCV

The world of modern ventilation, heating and cooling uses numerous terms and concepts. The three mentioned here are somewhat related to each other, and are applied as solutions in buildings to achieve comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor environments.


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Key principles

The main aim of ventilation is to remove polluted air and replace it with fresh, heated or cooled air. There are a few principles for how to introduce fresh air and for how to achieve a comfortable temperature in a room or building.


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