Waterborne room units

Swegon’s waterborne products use water as the energy carrier. Water is our natural source of life and the characteristics of water as a cooling and heating carrier give the capacity to temper each room effectively as required.





No fans are needed, which makes the room quiet and pleasant. The induction principle means that the waterborne products have a high capacity for efficient mixture with the room air and provide a high-cooling capacity without the risk of draughts and the indoor climate feels perfect. Swegon’s waterborne products are easy-to-install and maintain and feature a degree of adaptability that ensures the products can satisfy both current and future needs. Water can carry more energy than air and, in this way, provides a more efficient system requiring less space. Operating costs are low, and a water system is a good environmental option.

Here we present some of our products that are extra suitable when working with renovations and making the climate system flexible and future proof. 


PARASOL EX is our suspended comfort module that has been designed to be seen.

The 4-way air distribution function, in combination with Swegon’s ADC (Anti Draught Control), creates a maximized mixing zone and minimizes the risk of draught issues. The suspended comfort modules are designed for distributing air slightly upward. This gives the chilled air more space to mix with the room air before it reaches the occupied zone. The easily adjustable nozzles in combination with Swegon’s ADC (Anti Draught Control) offer maximum flexibility should the room layout need to be changed

Smart design cover solutions provide effortless access for service, etc. and all control equipment is hidden inside the cover creating a calm and stylish appearance.

The PARASOL EX family consists of designed comfort modules perfectly suited for suspended installations without a suspended ceiling. There are numerous different colour options available as standard as well as different perforation patterns, which means they blend in well in many different environments. The timeless cover design means they fit both traditional office environments or in more industrial office styles.

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The perimeter wall system Primo represents a completely new way to construct a perimeter wall system. Thanks to its modular design it matches considerably more environments and application areas than previous perimeter units. In terms of performance, PRIMO is better as it has a large increased capacity in terms of cooling, heating and air effect. PRIMO can equally well be installed in a new or existing ventilation system, which makes it the obvious choice when renovating or replacing old induction and mini-air units.

Despite its minimal space requirements, the system has all the functions that a modern air-conditioning system should have as good air quality without drafts or noise. The system is dry and has no moving parts. The system includes control equipment that provides a preset comfortable room temperature but which can also be regulated individually as needed. Compact outer dimensions together with several different lengths to choose from provide great flexibility, saves space and makes PRIMO easy to place and easy to decorate with.

PRIMO is developed to be able to easily upgrade old facade systems. An upgrade is beneficial both in terms of reduced energy consumption and improved comfort in the premises. PRIMO delivers higher cooling and heating power at lower duct pressures than older appliances, which reduces electricity consumption in the air handling unit. The increased power in combination with higher airflow, lower noise level and improved air distribution significantly improves comfort.

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The ADRIATIC VF is a closed climate beam with integrated recirculated air opening in the face plate. Air is discharged into the room along the ceiling.

Integrated VariFlow air flow distribution for simple adjustment at the site which creates flexibility when changing the layout of the room 

An attractive climate beam designed for suspended installation!

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