Active climate beam with cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Chilled beam with integrated induced air opening in the bottom and 2-way horizontal discharge
  • Provides ventilation, cooling, and/or heating
  • Designed to be suspended at adjustable heights below the ceiling or with the top flush against the ceiling.
  • Architectural design with a choice of two profile shapes
  • Adjustable k-factor provides operating capacity range to meet current and future ventilation, cooling, and/or heating loads. *Internal damper is adjustable by an indexed knob for quick and convenient airflow balancing.
  • ADC airflow direction control vanes
  • Adjustable discharge slots
  • Hinged faceplate design section for easy accessibility and service
  • Optional connection casing hides ventilation ducts and water pipes
  • Available with water and air connections on opposite short sides
  • Simple adjustment on site
  • Standard color White RAL 9003
    • Other colors upon request

ADRIATIC is a high-performance 2-way distribution active chilled beam for cooling, heating, and ventilating in exposed ceiling applications. Featuring an integrated damper with an indexed flow adjustment knob, ADRIATIC provides air volume flow in constant air volume systems over a very wide span of inlet pressures, eliminating the need for an upstream balancing damper. ADRIATIC may be upgraded for use in Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications by replacing the indexed knob with a 24v actuator connected to a zone controller. ADRIATIC offers a choice of architectural appearances.