Swegon CUBE

A Swiss innovation for residential ventilation


Why choose the CUBE

A unique residential solution that combines the best qualities of central and decentral ventilation - individual control of indoor climate and central placement outside the apartment!

  • A gapless continuous isolation of building and heat exchangers
  • Higher energy efficiency for the building
  • Roof placed unit saves space in the living area
  • Maintenance and repair is possible without accesing the appartment
  • Quick installation
  • Lower investment costs due to quick mounting and less ducting required

Old systems vs CUBE

Saving space inside and out

CUBE_old system.JPG

Central system

CUBE_new system.JPG


CUBE_closet with unit.JPG

Decentral system

CUBE_closet empty.JPG


CUBE system drawing

Quick installation for reduced installation cost

Innovative mounting solution can save up to 50% of total installation costs!

Watch installation video