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Smoke and Fire Damper Control Systems

Here you will find our Actionpac range of dedicated damper control panels for the control and operation of fire and smoke dampers.

Quick Compare Table 

   Actionpac LNS5 Actionpac EMB Actionpac EMS
Control System Type Intelligent Electromechanical Electromechanical
Firemans Override -
Maximum Devices (Single Panel) 500*  50* 30
Graphical User Interface - -
Activity Logging - -
Bespoke Cause and Effect  
Edit Cause and Effect - -
Scheduled Damper Testing - -
BMS Links RS485 Modbus or BACnet over IP or Volt Free Contacts Volt Free Contacts Volt Free Contacts
Notifications & Alerts - -
Action Priority Levels 3 1 1
Remote Access - -
Networking Up to 64 Panels - -


*Subject to final bespoke design specification, talk to one of our Actionpac specialists to learn more!