Suspended comfort module for cooling, heating and ventilation

Discontinued product

  • Chilled beam with integrated induced air opening in the bottom and 4-way horizontal discharge.
  • Provides ventilation, cooling, and/or heating
  • Architectural casing hides ducts and pipes, facilitates horizontal discharge
  • Designed to be installed in exposed ceilings.
  • ADC airflow direction control vanes
  • Adjustable discharge slots
  • Hinged faceplate design section for easy accessibility and service
  • Simple adjustment on site
  • Standard color White RAL 9003
    • Other colors upon request

PARASOL is a 4-way distribution comfort module-style chilled beam for cooling, heating, and ventilation in constant air volume (CAV) systems, featuring casing to enclose the entire chilled beam, and to provide horizontal discharge in exposed ceilings.