W3 Smart xs

A small giant among ventilation units
W3 Smart xs is the lowest ventilation unit on the market and the quietest for its size. The unit with modular measurements (597 x 599 x 446 mm) is the answer for home less than 150 m² (80 l/s, 288 m³/h), and can be installed above a washing tower and leaves plenty of space for e.g. a folding rack. W3 Smart xs is available also as a 740 W low energy model, whose low total output contributes to lower building costs.

A preheater as standard and smart compensation functions ensure the ventilation works continuously and does not cause unnecessary negative pressure on cold winter days. It also features the market’s smartest demand controlled humidity automation as standard.
  • Ecodesign energy class A*
  • Air flow range 36 - 288 m³/h
  • Temperature efficiency up to 82 % (EN 13141-7)
  • Demand-controlled humidity function as standard
  • Automatic summer function and passive cooling
  • Anti-frost protection ensures continuous ventilation
  • External coils for heating and cooling as an option
  • Can be connect to the automated building management system (I/O / Modbus)
  • Low installation height for installation above laundry columns
  • Control System CASA Smart

*Energy classification according to EcoDesign directive Lot 6. Energy class may vary depending on the selected accessories.

Controls (options)

CASA Smart ventilation units are equipped with the market’s most versatile control options! Select the required control method or combine several!

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Brochure (pdf 3.97MB) CASA W3 Econo Technical catalogue 08/04/2020
Technical manual (pdf 3.86MB) CASA W3 Smart Econo IOM Manual 17/05/2019
Residential AHU overview (pdf 8.54MB) Swegon CASA Brochure 14/10/2022
Product leaflet (pdf 7.69MB) CASA W3 Smart xs Technical catalogue 13/10/2022
Resident quick guide (pdf 393.08kB) CASA Smart panel IOM Manual 20/04/2021
Instructions for filter replacement in ventilation units (pdf 314.43kB) CASA Smart IOM Manual 10/05/2021
Instructions for use (pdf 11.18MB) CASA W3/W4 IOM Manual 15/01/2021
Technical manual (pdf 4.71MB) CASA W3/W4 xs IOM Manual 30/01/2023
Ceiling mounting frame installation instruction (pdf 3.27MB) CASA W3/W4 IOM Manual 09/03/2023
A water trap (pdf 468.89kB) Swegon CASA IOM Manual 30/03/2020
Smart functions (pdf 3.83MB) CASA Smart Brochure 24/05/2018
Declaration of conformity (pdf 119.92kB) Swegon CASA Quality 19/04/2023
BVD (pdf 151.42kB) CASA W3 xs Others 23/11/2020
Product fiche Ecodesign (pdf 134.78kB) CASA W-units Others 21/06/2021
Ecodesign (pdf 582.96kB) W3 Smart xs Quality 14/07/2021
Ecodesign (pdf 585.58kB) CASA W3 Smart Econo Quality 15/07/2021
Dis-assembly instructions (pdf 1.06MB) CASA W3/W4 Smart Others 04/06/2020
EPD Environmental Product Declaration (pdf 1.64MB) Swegon CASA Quality 11/04/2022
Bureau Veritas EPD Certification (pdf 501.03kB) Swegon CASA Quality 11/04/2022

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