From linear to circular approach

Circularity is a much talked about topic within sustainability, but what does it actually mean?

One simple way to describe the term, is that it concerns the move away from a linear way of looking at consumption, to a circular approach. Instead of looking at it as a one-way journey of taking, making and disposing, the aim is to create a circular flow where waste as a concept is eliminated.

Small things can make a difference

But moving from linear to circular is a process in itself. And since also small things can make a big difference, the important thing is to start the work, to make every resource last as long as possible. This will prolong the life-cycle, increase the value and reduce the environmental impact of products. In more concrete terms, this could include:

  • Repair – a simple but extremely efficient way to sustain performance and reduce waste
  • Upgrade and renovate – reduce the need for replacing products by making existing ones last longer, and potentially also work more efficiently
  • Re-use – collect, refresh and resell second hand products and use appropriate product components as spare parts or as input in new products.
  • Face-lift – changing the cosmetics, but keeping the core parts of a product, to stay modern and prolong the service-life
  • Design for disassembly – even before the product is born, it should be designed in a way that facilitates easy reuse and recycling of components and materials

What do we do at Swegon?

We firmly believe in the concept of circularity, and have started the journey towards a circular approach. Here are some examples of things we are working on: