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AHU Design

Air Handling Unit Selection Software for Swegon GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT series.

With the AHU Design selection software, it is easy to size and configure our air handling units. You can perform advanced energy calculations to ensure that the AHU you select is ideal and suitable for many conditions.

Our GOLD, SILVER C and COMPACT Air Handling Units are based on standardised designs. All data is therefore well documented, such as pressure drop and air flow. This means we can give you access to our accurate input data for your design work. The smart control functions in the GOLD Air Handling Unit are always standard, which means that each unit is extremely capable and suitable for a variety of different applications. No need to use expensive options and time-consuming modification and configuration!

We also want to help you fit these units into the building as a whole. Therefore, we have made it easy to transfer data from AHU Design to Revit and Magicad via plug-ins, for quick and easy BIM design!

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Video tutorials for AHU Design

Step-by-step video guides to get you selecting Air Handling Units quickly and efficiently in 'AHU Design'.

AHU Design training and support

If you need in-person, or telephone support with air handling unit selection, don't hesitate to contact us today. We are happy to demonstrate and support you with the software tools and can provide in-person guidance and training if required.

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