Digital control system for waterborne climate systems


  • For sequence control of cold and / or heat
  • Complete system that is easily adapted to the current needs
  • Flexible regulator that can be reconfigured afterwards
  • Long life
  • Up to 8 actuator pairs can be connected to a regulator

For climate systems with waterborne cooling and heating (or electric heating) in connection with new, added or rebuilt.

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Valve actuator ACTUATOR b Product sheet 202.29kB pdf
Digital room controller for waterborne indoor climate systems LUNA RE Product sheet 170.43kB pdf
HMET to LUNAd conversion LUNA-HMET Instructions 584.27kB pdf
Wiring LUNA - PARAGON Instructions 275.3kB pdf
Wiring PARASOL - LUNA Instructions 272.69kB pdf
Manual LUNAd Instructions 597.09kB pdf
User manual LUNA RE Instructions 132.13kB pdf
Wiring diagram LUNA RE-1/RE-S Instructions 485.03kB pdf
Valve commisioning SYST VDN/VEN Instructions 90.93kB pdf
Wiring diagram LUNA RE-S-CO/HME Instructions 390.37kB pdf
Installation instruction LUNA Instructions 2.22MB pdf
Installation instructions ACTUATORb Instructions 151.35kB pdf
Quick guide - WBCS WBCS Brochure 1.72MB pdf
Overview - Waterborne climate systems Water Brochure 5.23MB pdf
Declaration of conformity (CE) ACTUATORb Quality 308.14kB pdf
HWAT TC to LUNA conversion, single LUNA-HWAT Others 40.63kB pdf
HWAT TC to LUNA conversion, serie LUNA-HWAT Others 43.76kB pdf