Network-connectable automatic control system for controlling the air temperature and air quality in a room
  • Automatic control of the air volume, cooling and heating
  • The set points for temperature and airflow can be set via the room thermostat.
  • Occupancy control via key card/sensor
  • Simple configuration of settings keyed in the room thermostat
  • Wireless communication between room thermostat and controller
  • Inputs for condensation sensor, window contact and other normally-closed contacts
  • Up to twelve actuator pairs can be wired to each unit controller.
  • Possible connection up to main control system via Modbus RTU
  • Selectable cooling sequence - air/water or water/air
  • Air quality control via CO2 sensor.

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Instructions for Use CONDUCTOR W1 Instruction 607.61kB pdf
Building product declaration (WISE gen.1) CONTROL Za Quality 66.14kB pdf
Installation, commissioning, maintenance (WISE gen.1) CONTROL Zone Default Instruction 1.51MB pdf
Installation instruction CONDUCTOR W1-CCO Instruction 1.59MB pdf
Installation instructions CG IV-KIT Instruction 1.29MB pdf
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ETL-certification CONDUCTOR Quality 484.48kB pdf
Internal Communications Unit (WISE gen.1) Super WISE Router Instruction 442.37kB pdf
Valve actuator ACTUATOR b ProductSheet 202.29kB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W1 Instruction 1.52MB pdf
Network-connectable automatic control system CONDUCTOR ProductSheet 944.88kB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W4, US version Instruction 2.86MB pdf
Installation, commissioning, maintenance (WISE gen.1) DETECT Pressure Instruction 605.33kB pdf
Instructions for Use CONDUCTOR W4 Instruction 514.36kB pdf
Declaration of conformity (CE) ACTUATORb Quality 308.14kB pdf
Technical manual, sw1.38 CONDUCTOR W4 Instruction 3.17MB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W1, US version Instruction 1.63MB pdf
Technical manual, sw1.44 CONDUCTOR W1/W3 Instruction 2.38MB pdf
Building product declaration CCO Quality 44.11kB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W4 Instruction 2.05MB pdf
CE declaration SYST PS Quality 209.57kB pdf
Internal Communications Unit (WISE gen.1) Super WISE Router ProductSheet 1.66MB pdf
Compact Change Over CCO ProductSheet 1.59MB pdf
Valve commisioning SYST VDN/VEN Instruction 90.93kB pdf
Pressure sensor SYST PS ProductSheet 572.91kB pdf

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