Comfort modules 1-way air distribution


The PARAGON family is a series of comfort modules with a high capacity for installation in the ceiling or wall. The product is particularly popular in hotels and care rooms with its compact dimensions and high performance.

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Document Article Document type Size Format Download
PARAGON overview (All) Product sheet 1001.76kB pdf
PARAGON WALL (All) Brochure 4.82MB pdf
Commissioning guide 2014:15, k-factors (all) Instructions 6.49MB pdf
CE-Declaration, motor ACTUATOR 3nM Quality 289.13kB pdf
Installation instructions CCO Instructions 563.53kB pdf
Building product declaration CCO Quality 44.11kB pdf
Installation instruction CONDUCTOR W1-CCO Instructions 1.59MB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W3 Instructions 1.7MB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W4 Instructions 2.05MB pdf
Certified - Test standards Confirmation Quality 162.69kB pdf
Certificate, Chilled beams EUROVENT Quality 175.94kB pdf
Wiring LUNA - PARAGON Instructions 275.3kB pdf
Mounting instructions - Grid PARAGON T-GL Instructions 44.65kB pdf
Installation instructions PARAGON WALLc Instructions 3.3MB pdf
Compact comfort module PARAGON WALLc Product sheet 4.83MB pdf
Building product declaration PARAGON WALLc Quality 45.18kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON Wall-WISE CUa Instructions 689.97kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON Wall-WISE IOREa Instructions 573.88kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON -WISE CUa Instructions 664.06kB pdf
Compact comfort module PARAGONb U.S version Product sheet 4.72MB pdf
Compact comfort module PARAGONc Product sheet 6.06MB pdf
Installation instructions, variant R, L PARAGONc Instructions 5.88MB pdf
Overview - PARAGON PARAGONc, PARAGON WALLc Brochure 1001.76kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON-WISE CUa Instructions 664.06kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON-WISE IOREa Instructions 592.39kB pdf

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