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WISE in environmentally certified buildings

WISE is an excellent system for buildings that need to be certified according to environmental or health & wellbeing certification programmes, such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL.

Indoor climate and energy performance are key components of these certification programmes, and since WISE provides full control of these parameters, it offers an excellent basis not only for certification, but also for achieving high rating levels. Thanks to the flexible wireless technology platforming the WISE system communication, it is also easy to make post-build alterations, this being a priority in several certification programmes. Another highlighted feature is the individualised option for each occupant to adjust their local indoor climate – a principle catered for perfectly by the options in the WISE system.

WISE fulfils many of the assessment criteria for certification of newbuilds, upgrades to existing properties and for premises in use. This makes WISE the perfect choice for buildings with high environmental and certification targets. All the WISE system’s component products naturally also come with a Swedish national construction products declaration.


WISE is installed in a large number of buildings with a high classification level according to different building certification programs. Here we provide more information about some of them.