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Actionair TransShield ACS

Automated Intumescent Fire Damper
  • Slimline non-vision intumescent fire and smoke damper with unique sliding plate smoke control.
  • Fully automatic open/close operation with Talkpac 2-way communication smoke control system.
  • Continuous status monitoring and display.
  • Fail-safe closure for smoke control operation.
  • Self testing on a 24 hour programme.
  • Automatic reset to open position when alarm cancelled or power restored.
  • Low voltage DC supply to dampers.
  • Up to 16 dampers controlled from one Talkpac panel with simple loop wiring.
  • Complies to electro magnetic compatibility and low voltage directives.
  • Up to 1 hour fire resistance.

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Product Sheet (pdf 716.48kB) TransShield ACS Brochure Technical catalogue 19/06/2023
Installation Guide (pdf 978.66kB) TransShield ACS IO&M IOM Manual 27/04/2023