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Actionair SmokeShield

'ES' Rated Automatic Fire Damper
  • CE Marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650
  • Fire tested to EN 1366-2 
  • Classified to EN 13501-3
  • Available in both left handed and right handed configurations to suit space requirements
  • Unique snaplock™ drive interface ensures user friendly connection of actuator to damper
  • Easy damper connection to square, rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork
  • Choice of tested damper installation methods to suit Concrete/Masonry Floors/Walls and Dry Walls
  • Choice of electrical control modes (actuator)
  • Unique and patented Electrical Thermal Release (ETR) for ultimate safety
  • ASFP Grey Book listed
  • Halogen-free low smoke and fume cabling supplied as standard
  • Fully compatible with ACTIONPAC Systems


Technical specifications

Product Specification

SmokeShield PTC™ Proportional Torque Control, CE Marked ’ES’ Rated Fire/Smoke Dampers. Opposed bladed with 75mm x 0.5mm thick stainless steel aerodynamic interlocking blades incorporating synthetic seal, with steel blade end bearings and peripheral gasketting. Housed in a galvanised steel fully welded 1.2mm spigotted casing suitable for square, rectangular, circular or flat oval connections.

The totally enclosed precise movement opposed blade drive shall be positioned out of airstream for protection against damage, be hard wearing and free running.

The Control Mode/Damper connection shall be by means of the snaplock™ drive interface mechanism, which is totally independent of the ductwork

SmokeShield PTC™ ’ES’ Rated Fire Dampers with their appropriate control modes shall have spring Fail-Safe Closed operation only, with selected Control Mode (M5 24V, M6 230V, M5 - 3P 24V) as supplied by Actionair.

Application Parameters  

The SmokeShield PTC™ range of Fire/Smoke dampers are CE Marked ‘ES’ Rated dampers used to prevent spread of fire and smoke maintaining compartmentation. SmokeShield dampers up to maximum width and height dimensions can be used where the operating total system pressure is up to 1500 Pascals and duct velocities to 15m/second. The SmokeShield PTC™ Damper blades are open and fail-safe to the closed position. Dampers may be installed both vertically and horizontally. Airflow can be from either direction. Actionair SmokeShield PTC™ Dampers are designed for applications in normal dry filtered air systems. If exposed to fresh air intakes and/or inclement conditions, the dampers should be subject to a planned inspection programme. For specialist and/or aggressive applications, please contact us.

Installation Drawing Reference

  • SSC = Standard Supporting Construction
  • NSSP = Non-Standard / Specific Supporting Construction

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Comprehensive detailed product information for the best selection and integration in project design
Installation, Operating, Maintenance and Safety information
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Wiring diagrams and hydraulic schemes etc
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Installation Drawing (pdf 993.79kB) AAF10708[G]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-C_Flexible Partition Wall (Against SSC) Others 06/05/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 2.11MB) AAF11945[I]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-3F_Flexible Partition Wall (Against SSC) Others 06/07/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.05MB) AA-SS-2013 (2) SS DWFX-F multiple GA Others 23/11/2022
Installation Method (pdf 2.56MB) Actionair Sleeve & Angle (S/A) Installation Method IOM Manual 27/05/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.19MB) AAF10702[G]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_IF HEVAC_Rigid or Blockwork Wall (SSC) Others 04/05/2022
Installation Method (pdf 4.23MB) Actionair HEVAC/HVCA Installation Frame (I/F) Installation Method IOM Manual 27/05/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.57MB) AAF13397[B]_Vertical_Multiple SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F_Eurobond Firemaster Wall (NSSC).pdf Others 23/06/2023
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.28MB) AAF10704[G]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F_Flexible Partition Wall (SSC) Others 06/05/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 2.12MB) AAF12493[B]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F_Rigid or Blockwork Wall (SSC) Others 06/05/2022
Installation Guide (pdf 2.36MB) Actionair DWFX-F IO&M IOM Manual 15/12/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.32MB) AAF13409[A] - Vertical - Multiple SmokeShield PTC - DWFX-F - Flexible Partition Wall (SCC) Others 04/11/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.74MB) AAF13410[A] - Vertical - Multiple SmokeShield PTC- DWFX-F - Rigid Blockwork Wall (SSC) Others 04/11/2022
Installation Method (pdf 1.66MB) Actionair SPAN Installation Method IOM Manual 19/08/2022
Actuator Datasheet (pdf 236.45kB) Mode 5 & 6 PTCTM Regular Spring Return Actuator Datasheet Technical catalogue 14/10/2021
Declaration of Performance (pdf 294.85kB) Actionair SmokeShield Declaration of Performance Quality 15/12/2022
Installation Guide (pdf 1.23MB) Actionair SmokeShield Multiples IO&M IOM Manual 04/11/2022
Installation Drawings (pdf 1.06MB) AAF13396[B]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F_Eurobond Firemaster Extra (NSSC) Others 23/06/2023
Installation Drawing (pdf 6.01MB) AA/F13472[A]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F – BG Shaftwall System (NSSC) Others 15/12/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 1.14MB) AAF10710[J]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_S&A with BATT_Flexible Partition Wall (SSC) Others 06/05/2022
Installation Method (pdf 3.48MB) Actionair DWFX-C Installation Method IOM Manual 27/05/2022
Actuator Datasheet (pdf 164.64kB) Actionair Smokeshield PTC Mode 5-3P Control Mode Product Sheet Technical catalogue 28/02/2020
Installation Drawing (pdf 902.92kB) AAF10730[H]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-C_Flexible Partition Wall (Against SSC) Others 06/05/2022
Installation Drawing (pdf 737.18kB) AAF13412[A]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-F_Flexible Partition Wall (SSC) Others 18/07/2022
Installation Method (pdf 1.72MB) Actionair SmokeShield PTC Control Modes Installation Method IOM Manual 28/02/2020
Installation Drawing (pdf 3.03MB) AAF12394[E]_Vertical_SmokeShield PTC_DWFX-3F_Rigid or Blockwork Wall (Against SSC) Others 06/07/2022

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