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BlueBox Datatech + BTD

Units for IT Cooling applications, direct expansion inverter-controlled brushless DC compressors, EC electronic switching fans, R410A, 7-100 kW

Air conditioners equipped with a brushless, inverter-controlled DC compressor, specifically designed for IT applications: maximisation of sensible capacity, efficiency, reliability, availability and redundancy. They additionally provide for utmost flexibility in terms of direction of the air delivery and return lines for better adaptation to the different site layouts.
They can also be used for technological applications requiring precision air conditioning (close temperature and humidity control) on a constant and continuous basis.

EDA: Direct expansion, air-condensed conditioning units
EDW: Direct expansion, water-condensed conditioning units
EDA-W/DC: Dual fluid conditioning units with chilled water circuit and with either air- or water-condensed direct expansion circuit
EDW/FC: Conditioning units with integrated indirect free cooling and water- condensation option


  • Reliability over time
  • Wide configurability
  • Full access
  • Installation flexibility
  • Max. efficiency guaranteed by the most advanced technology: brushless, inverter-controlled DC compressors, EC electronically commutated fans, electronic expansion valves
  • Rapid answer to thermal load variations with the possibility to vary the operating frequency of the compressor from 30% to 120% of the nominal value.

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