Envirco® MAC10 Original

  • Quiet, compact and energy efficient unit (220W)
  • A three speed switch is standard on all 600 x 1,210mm and 585 x 1,185mm units
  • A variable speed controller is standard on 585 x 585mm, 600 x 600mm and 600 x 905mm units
  • Forward-inclined centrifugal-type fan
  • HEPA (H13) filter
  • Snap-in pre-filter allows for easy replacement and maintenance (must be removed when ducting directly to the unit)
  • Walkable plenum (excluding pre-filter)
  • Mill finished aluminium exterior
  • CE Marked 230V units stocked extensively in Hamburg, Germany

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Extra low watts, sound, and profile

50 years ago, Envirco® designed and manufactured the first commercial clean room in the world and is proud of its pioneering background. It continues to provide competitive filtration solutions to all types of clean rooms worldwide including the semiconductor, medical device, aerospace, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, micro-electronics, hospital, automotive, disk drive and watch-making sectors.

The Envirco® MAC 10® Fan Filter Unit (FFU) was the first compact FFU (318mm) with a low operating sound level. Measuring only 51 dBA at 0.45m/s, the MAC 10® Original Standard 600 x 1,210mm provides one of the lowest sound levels of any FFU.

The MAC 10® Original Standard (STD) version comes with the filter integrated with the unit housing, requiring the unit to be removed from the ceiling grid to replace the filter.


  • Variable speed controller: Available on 600 x 1,210mm and 585 x 1,185mm units for fine airflow control, particularly when the MAC 10® are accessible in soft-wall and hard-wall clean rooms and customised LAF benches
  • Remote speed controllers to group control a maximum of six MAC 10® simultaneously
  • ULPA (U15) filter
  • Monitoring and Control Systems: via ModBus® network on inexpensive Consoles or touch-screen PLCs offering stand-alone or with BMS interface
  • Custom sizes and configurations available; perfect for mini environment applications