Envirco® Fan Filter Units

While used for a variety of critical clean air applications, the MAC 10® line of Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are ideal cleanroom solutions for the worldwide industrial market. The FFU design — a fan, motor, and filtration system all in a single unit — draws air into the unit via the filtration system and exhausts it across the filter face, supplying particle-free, laminar airflow to the room. Renowned for their ease of installation and operation, the MAC 10® line of FFUs offer low energy consumption, low sound levels, and a low profile. Note: The LE models offer low watts, low profile, and low operating costs.

Which Envirco® Fan Filter Unit is right for my application?

MAC10® Model Original IQ LE-DC
Overall Cost Lowest Moderate Higher
Motor Type AC 1/5 HP / 0.15kW EC 1/2HP / 0.37kW EC 1/2HP / 0.37kW
Motor Feature Standard Motor Constant Airflow High Airflow & Pressure Range
Blower Type Forward Curve Forward Curve Backward Curve
Sound Dependent on Airflow Dependent on Airflow Dependent on Airflow
Power Consumption Highest Low Lowest
BMS Communications Yes


Standard Control Option 3 Speed, Speed controller &
ModBus® network control
ModBus® network control,
0-10V signal & manual potentiometer)
Universal Control Card
(ModBus®, 0-10V signal
& manual potentiometer)
Cabinet Styles Standard Standard/RSR/RSRE Standard/RSR/RSRE
Cabinet Construction Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Filter HEPA (H13) & ULPA (U15) HEPA (H13) & ULPA (U15) HEPA (H13 & H14)
ULPA (U15 & U16)

Why use a fan filter unit for your cleanroom?

Energy efficient

A clean room can be up to 50 times more energy intensive than an office building because of the several hundred air changes per hour required for Class ISO 5 rooms and above, alongside the associated air filtration and conditioning. The energy cost of HVAC equipment typically represents more than 50% of the total amount of energy used by a clean room.

Simple & cost effective

The technology is undeniably simple. The attraction of this simplicity of operation and installation is compelling. So too are the significant additional benefits the FFU provides - it offers a low capital cost, low noise filtration solution which is easy to service and maintain.

Under control

A quality control solution is important for maximising the efficiency, optimising maintainance and minimising energy costs in any clean room.