For over 100 years Waterloo has earned and maintained an enviable reputation for ventilation system design, engineering and manufacture. We have deliberately sought out innovative technical and commercial knowledge from other equally demanding and complex engineering industries to enable us to fulfil the requirements and expectations of you, our client. We strive to provide innovative, imaginative but always professional service within a framework of strong relationships and we have an unwavering belief that if we do not consistently give you the very best service and quality, someone else will.

Most of all, we are a World-Class organisation.

World-Class is not a reflection of size or number of employees, it is to do with attitudes and a belief in World-Class values. Values such as flexibility, innovation, client service, integrity, strength of character and good humour. These are the values that separate the outstanding from the ordinary.

Waterloo has manufacturing facilities at Aylesford in Kent with a worldwide sales presence through a network of our own sales teams, agents and local manufacturing licensees.

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