We believe that good quality air helps people work better, feel smarter and even live longer. You can't always see what our products provide, but with our innovative approach we create solutions for a multitude of needs. Our solutions are multifunctional yet customised, easy to understand and install and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

Our aim is to be better, leaner and to generate minimum envionmental impact. 

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ENVIRCO Fan Filter Units

Our ENVIRCO fan filter units (FFU) provide solutions for high tech clean rooms in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, aerospace and optical industries. The MAC 10 units are ideal for soft and hard-wall, plenum design cleanrooms and LAF benches.

Swegon are rising to the challenge of reducing costs and creating a greener solution with the development of much more efficient units. High efficiency EC motor technology is at the heart of these innovations.


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TRION Electrostatic Filters

Our TRION electrostatic filters are suitable for commercial buildings including shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities. 


Swegon believes that excellent customer service, superior product quality and dependable performance are essential to its long-term success. Furthermore, we have developed a level of technical expertise that allows us to create innovative products and cost effective solutions that contribute to the success of our customers.

We have network of experienced partners throughout Europe, The Middle East and Africa that can troubleshoot and service your equipment in addition to offering technical guidance on new projects.

Replacement Parts

Swegon offers replacement parts for all of our product lines. For more information or to place an order, contact us. 


The Trion and Envirco products will be Airfiltrera’s lead product ranges, but Swegon are also looking to use the brand as a basis to extend our product offering.