Specialist skills combining manufacturing experience with practical expertise deliver creative air solutions that flawlessly match any application challenge.

In almost forty years we have created an unparalleled product portfolio that competes worldwide on quality, price and application.

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Have you ever seen our air diffusers?

It is not very strange if you haven't. This is a sure sign that we have done a good job. Quiet, free of draught and well-designed to blend in among other fittings in their surroundings. Our air diffusers give rooms a fresh, energising indoor climate, without our senses having to perceive this and without distrurbing any of us in our daily lives.


The obvious difference between our different air diffusers is their appearance. In order to blend into the decor of the room and uplift its overall impression they need to look a certain way.

The design of these products is also decisive for their function. When the surroundings undergo a change, air diffusion settings also have to be changed. Swegon's uniquely designed air diffusers make it simpler than ever to change their diffusion pattern.


High Capacity Slot Diffusers

Linear Slot Diffusers

Slot (20/25)


Ceiling Swirl Diffuser