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The Smoke Control System

The Smoke Control System is there to control the movement of smoke throughout the building, ensuring that fire compartments can be manipulated to save lives by clearing or preventing smoke from entering certain areas of a building.

Smoke/fire protection can save human lives as well as keeping damage to property and contents to an absolute minimum. Control measures for smoke/fire protection, in old and new buildings, utilise a wide variety of systems and items of equipment that must be carefully integrated in order to ensure maximum safety.

Essential Life Safety Equipment

To correctly control the spread of smoke through the HVAC system, the specifier should create a design using Fire Dampers and Smoke Control Dampers in the correct location. The functions of the two types of damper are outlined below.

Fire Dampers
In an emergency, fire dampers failsafe to the closed position, containing the smoke and fire, prevent their spread through the ducting and maintaining compartmentation.

Smoke Control Dampers
Smoke Control Dampers will drive open or drive closed, without a failsafe position. They are usually connected to the smoke detection system or BMS, often via a dedicated damper control system. The specifier's cause and effect should detail the damper behaviour to contain or extract smoke in the event of a fire. 

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Our Smoke Control Products

Three things you need to deliver a smoke damper solution

Collaboration with all parties is the key to getting a smoke control strategy that works for the building in question. The combination of three ingredients - a solid project team, world-class products and up-to-date knowledge will help you get it right. Take a look at our three key things you need to deliver a good smoke control solution...

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