Apartment buildings – Centralised solution

A sound indoor climate in apartment buildings is an absolute requirement for occupant well-being. However, increasingly more stringent energy requirements call for new, energy-efficient solutions, and equally, the system needs to be able to extract odours from cooking etc. without releasing them to other apartments or the stairwell.

Demand-controlled indoor climate via damper control

One type of centralised solution that meets the requirements of apartment buildings is based on an air handling system for a demand-controlled indoor climate, where each apartment features damper control via an auto-adjusting control panel. Energy consumption is below 20 kWh/m2/year, which more than fulfils the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) for this type of property.

Pressure-controlled unit handles supply air and extract air

An air handling unit conditions supply air and extract air for an appropriate number of apartments via pressure control. The air flow is controlled in each apartment as needed via a control panel and a timer. The system is tripped to provide economical low flow when no one is at home. The rest of the time, the system runs on normal flow, with a boost when the  cooker hood is used.

Healthy living room and bedroom ventilation

One special feature, which also cuts costs, is that the supply air is mainly directed to the living room during the day and to the bedroom at night. This permits reduced air flow in each apartment and a healthy indoor climate in occupied rooms. The solution is also energy efficient because the ventilation adjusts to where the occupants are, and what they are doing.

Advantages of a demand-controlled centralised solution

  • Excellent air quality
  • Ease of operation for both occupants and installers/service engineers
  • Low energy consumption