Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As you will be aware, Coronavirus/COVID-19 is impacting people, travel and supply chains across the world. Despite the Coronavirus, we are operational, supporting our customers, taking orders, manufacturing and delivering products.

We take our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and the integrity of our operations very seriously.

We are undertaking training, providing guidance and taking precautions to minimise risk to our employee’s health and wellbeing. We have taken steps to secure our supply chain in readiness, minimising our risk to potential material shortages. However, it is prudent to forewarn our customers that potential developments in the future could have an impact, subsequently extending our normal lead times.

We continue to monitor updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as government advice with regards to our employees and operations. We remain fully committed to delivering a world-class experience to our global customer base, partners and production facilities across the world.

The information below provides, at the time of writing, current answers to frequently asked questions. The team at Swegon are adapting our working practices and plans as the situation develops, in line with government advice.

Information for Employees
All employees are being advised to follow all government guidelines if they are exhibiting symptoms or have been identified as a vulnerable individual. In line with the government recommendations, we are implementing the following:

  • Employees able to complete their job role from home should work from home.
  • Employees working in positions that ‘absolutely cannot be done from home’ - which covers the majority of shop floor & engineers - can attend work as normal.
  • We are operating at a reduced capacity in our Bridgnorth site, with a small office team working from home.

Please continue to monitor this page and our official communication channels for further updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated : Thursday June 4th 2020

I’m working at a healthcare facility and urgently need a service visit/products/spare part? 
Please get in touch with us as soon as possible and the Swegon team will do our best to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Can the ventilation system spread disease?
Please read the following Blog posts, which give some information on ventilation and virus transmission & how to optimise air handling units...
- Blog: How to optimise air handling units for healthy indoor climate – COVID-19 recommendations
- Information: Ventilation and Virus transmission

Are you still manufacturing products?
Yes, we are still manufacturing products both locally and at our production sites worlwide. Please contact us for a information, quotation, delivery or support questions about specific products!

How can I talk with or meet with Swegon regional sales teams?
Where possible, we encourage meetings via Skype, email or phone to sustain communications, whilst minimising risk of infection spread. Our regional sales team are postponing large gatherings, such as CPD seminars, in favour of online training. We continue to follow government advice as it develops and we follow sensible precautionary measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

What if one of your employees contracts the virus or shows symptoms?
All Swegon employees have been issued guidance and online training about the COVID-19 outbreak and which actions should be taken if employees display any of the symptoms of the virus. Any employees making use of remote work or self-isolation, in line with government and WHO advice, will complete a risk assessment process before they are permitted to return to work. Any clients that the staff member may have come into contact with will be notified.

Do you hold critical spares?
Yes, we hold a good stock of critical spares, we have also stocked additional items to increase our normal stock level.

What about emergency call outs and service visits?
Yes, emergency call outs are not currently affected. We currently have engineers available should the need for a call out arise. Contact our service team for further information and to discuss your specific site requirements.

Have you got a "Coronavirus Risk Assessment"?
Yes. If you require a risk assessment to be carried out before we visit a site, please contact our service team.

Have another question? Contact us.