Versatile floor plan and maximum comfort

Assemblin, Uppsala

In 2014, the installation and service partner Assemblin (formerly Imtech Nordic) constructed new offices and warehouse/workshop premises. They would also serve as a reference site for Assemblin’s customers and accommodate all of the company’s business lines (Ventilation, Piping, Electricity and Cooling).

Industrial buildings
We wanted a versatile office space that could accommodate increasing staff numbers without the need to rebuild or convert the building or the air conditioning system.

Versatile floor plan and maximum comfort

The property was built for flexible use with partitions that are easy to move around. The requirements were a demand-controlled indoor climate for maximum comfort and the ability to quickly change space uses and configurations. Moreover, it was of utmost importance that clients visiting Assemblin would also enjoy the high standard of comfort.

Big-picture thinking produced the best results

Swegon was the only supplier that could meet the specification requirements and also offer a complete solution for the entire indoor climate, with the highest comfort and low energy consumption. The operating costs (24 kWh/m2/year) were far less than expected.

Smart solutions the result of a close partnership

The indoor climate system was designed and developed collaboratively by Assemblin’s head of technology and Swegon. A ring-feed system was chosen for the office floor. This serves a waterborne, fully demand-controlled WISE system with ADAPT Parasol comfort modules for cooling, heating and ventilation. Primary airflows are supplied to the storage room, workshop and relaxation area on the lower level, which is heated with underfloor heating. Demand control for both the floors is tied together by the Super WISE unit with simple monitoring and optimisation possible via the integrated web server.

Heating the office space with comfort modules and the lower level with underfloor heating has proved to be an unbeatable solution when it comes to comfort, operating costs and space saving.


Some of the products used in Assemblin, Uppsala.