The SCM Frigo factory focusing on sustainability and well-being

The SCM Frigo factory focusing on sustainability and well-being

Optimal indoor climate in all working environments

The Italian company SCM Frigo S.p.A, which operate in the refrigeration sector, built a new factory with the goal of reaching a technological solution allowing an optimal and energy efficient indoor climate for comfort and well-being throughout the entire premises. A broad set of products from us at Swegon has been provided for a compete and sustainable HVAC system. The solution contains Tetris heat pumps for cooling and heating, GOLD air handling units and to a variety of optimization and control systems. An early collaboration with the installation company and the engineering consultant allowed us to face challenges early in the project and today people in both the office, production and distribution favour comfortable indoor environments.

Building green factory capacity

SCM Frigo S.p.A, a subsidiary to Swedish Beijer Ref since 2011, is situated in the province of Padova, about an hour outside of Venice, Italy. The company is in the business of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, and today they are the leader in the production of CO2 refrigeration systems.

In the year of 2019 SCM Frigo passed its 40 year mark in business. At that point, the company was in the middle of doubling its factory capacity. When building the new 13 000 square meter factory, SCM Frigo had sustainability in mind and the plant was therefore built according to the company´s green credentials.

Comfort and well-being as top priority

There was one primary wish for the new factory – an energy efficient air conditioning system, that has the capacity and technological solution to enable an optimal indoor environmental quality in all working environments. SCM Frigo points out that comfort and well-being have been the top priorities when bringing up this factory.

At Swegon we know that an optimal indoor climate has a positive impact on productivity, strategic thinking and the feeling of comfort. We were therefore in a good position in the quotation of the project.


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Products and systems

At the start of the project it was decided that a modern, sustainable and efficient air conditioning system that could serve both production and offices should be chosen. Today the plant features 3 parallel BlueBox Tetris 2A heat pumps for 1,2 MW heating and cooling capacity, all using low GWP refrigerant gas below 500. There are also 8 GOLD air handling units with integrated high efficiency energy recovery systems that has been certified to be leak-free. That means that there is no leakage between input air and output air, further ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

A Swegon WISE system coordinates heating and cooling production, temperature regulation and air distribution in the entire building, and adjust the indoor climate to what is needed at the time. All functions are connected to a wireless network of more than 50 sensors, using a mesh method to enable advanced on demand regulation on a room by room basis. Last but not least, our Flowzer and Hyzer systems control the hydronic optimization.


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...optimised levels of comfort and, more generally, well-being was guaranteed in all working environments
Ing. Nicola Pignatelli, Managing Director SCM Frigo SpA

Project partner from the beginning

The company Ranzato, operating in the field of technological buildings and plant implementation, was chosen for SCM Frigo’s building project. Ranzato teamed up with Swegon from the very start of the process which enabled a complete delivery of integrated products and systems. The mentioned control system, WISE, is not only favorable for everyday operation and maintenance, it also helps to shorten the building process. The commissioning phase was completed quickly which allowed SCM Frigo to start production early.

Altogether we spend about 90% of our lives indoors, which is why we need a dependable indoor climate in all indoor facilities. At Swegon we have the knowledge and experience to be involved in every stage of the property project. Our products, services and support are all designed to endorse each individual project with the right solution.


Why Swegon
...collaboration with Swegon helped work out the best solutions to meet [the customer’s] requirements
Ing. Manuel Baratella, Director Production RANZATO IMPIANTI SrI, commenting on the advantage of having a shared objective with partners in the project

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A successful project for continuous production

See the film on the left and hear the project partners describe the vision, process and result.