Suspended comfort module for cooling, heating and ventilation

Parasol EX is the name of the product family of comfort modules for exposed installation. The modules are designed to supplement one another and provide optimal room comfort.

4-way air distribution in combination with Swegon’s ADCII (Anti Draught Control), creates a maximized mixing zone and minimizes the risk of draught issues. The Parasol EX is designed for distributing air slightly upward. This gives the chilled air more space to mix with the room air before it reaches the occupied zone.

Adjustable air distribution pattern


The easily adjustable nozzles in combination with Swegon’s ADCII (Anti Draught Control) offer maximum flexibility if changes in the room layout become necessary.

All the sides can be set independently of one another so that the comfort module can distribute more or less air and simultaneously discharge air in whatever direction desired in the room.


  • Supply air
  • Supply air and cooling
  • Supply air, cooling and heating

Technical specifications

Primary air flow Up to 55 l/s
Pressure range 50 to 150 Pa
Total cooling capacity Up to 1,930 W
Heating capacity – water Up to 2450 W
Sizes 690 x 690 mm, 1290 x 1290 mm
Height 230 mm

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