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Wall mounted comfort module for cooling, heating and ventilation

PARAGON Wall is a compact comfort module designed for rear edge location in office rooms or similar applications.

The module is installed above the false ceiling in the corridor outside the room which means that no false ceiling inside the room is required. By a unique product and grille design we use different parts of the grill to distribute supply air and at the same time recirculate back room air. This means only one grille is visible inside the room. This product application could be of benefit in projects where you want to keep the inner ceiling height in the office area and instead utilizes the corridor ceiling for the installation.

PARAGON WALL can, like the rest of the new generation’s Paragon family, be equipped with our unique CCO valve, Compact Change Over, the cooling and heating capacity increases by up to 20 % and 60 % respectively.

The increased capacity can be used to choose a smaller product size, which saves both space and investment costs. The capacity increase can also be utilized through heat pumps and chillers being run in more economically beneficial operating modes, which can save up to 25 % of the electrical energy.

PARAGON WALL is available for delivery from week 15 and can already be ordered and sized. If you would like to know more about the product, please look at the product sheet or contact your closest Swegon representative.

Quick facts

  • Cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Designed for installation in the rear edge of the room
  • Built-in control equipment
  • One grille for both the supply air and the recirculated air
  • Closed system
  • Flexible air flow – VariFlow
  • Adjustable air direction - ADC
  • CCO valve for increased cooling and heating capacity

Technical specifications

Air flow range 9 - 77 l/s
Pressure range 50 – 200 Pa
Cooling capacity Up to 2675 W
Heating capacity Up to 4496 W
Size L=775, 900, 1100, 1300 and 1500 mm
W=795 mm
H=264 mm

Download document

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Installation instruction CONDUCTOR W1-CCO Instruction 1.59MB pdf
Building product declaration PARAGON WALLc Quality 45.18kB pdf
Certified - Test standards Confirmation Quality 162.69kB pdf
Overview - Waterborne climate systems (SPREAD) Water Overview Brochure 5.61MB pdf
Commissioning CCO Valve Instruction 403.74kB pdf
Building product declaration CCO Quality 44.11kB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W4 Instruction 2.05MB pdf
Compact Change Over - 6-way changeover valve with motor CCO Kit ProductSheet 1.32MB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON Wall-WISE IOREa Instruction 573.88kB pdf
Installation, commissioning, maintenance PARAGON WALLc Instruction 3.3MB pdf
Operation and maintenance Comfort modules Instruction 39.89kB pdf
Certificate, Chilled beams EUROVENT Quality 159.81kB pdf
Quick guide - WBCS WBCS Brochure 1.72MB pdf
Overview - PARAGON PARAGONc, PARAGON WALLc Brochure 1001.76kB pdf
Wiring instruction (WISE gen.2) PARAGON Wall-WISE CUa Instruction 689.97kB pdf
Compact comfort module PARAGON WALLc ProductSheet 4.83MB pdf
Wiring LUNA - PARAGON Instruction 275.3kB pdf
Installation instructions CONDUCTOR W3 Instruction 1.7MB pdf
Overview - Waterborne climate systems Water Overview Brochure 5.75MB pdf