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System for closed metal ceilings

Spectra Surface is a water-supported ceiling heating and cooling system in which the heating and cooling registers are connected to the ceiling lining in a thermally conductive manner either by a unique magnetic connection or a permanent adhesive connection. The system works predominantly according to the radiation principle and thus assures the best room comfort, maximum energy efficiency and a draft-free feel-good climate. A specially-developed acoustic fleece glued into the perforated ceiling lining results in good room acoustics. Indirect lighting via the reflective ceiling surface enables room-filling, glare-free illumination of the room.


  • Architecturally appealing ceiling surfaces
  • Can be retrofitted into existing metal ceilings
  • Combination of thermally active and passive ceiling areas possible.
  • High heating and cooling performance thanks to excellent heat transference.
  • Great sound absorption thanks to perforated metal ceiling plates with an acoustic fleece.
  • Optimally suited to the integration of renewable energy sources.
  • Combination with different designs of lighting and other ceiling installations or structures possible.