WISE Parasol EX

Suspended, demand-controlled comfort modules for Swegon’s WISE System
  • Suspended comfort module for demand-controlled indoor climate, integrated in Swegon’s control platform WISE
  • All room accessories are easily connected with the help of a scanner and hand-held terminal
  • Energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as called for by the load, neither more nor less
  • Highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on a product or room level
  • Waterborne cooling and heating
  • Draught-free indoor climate, 4-way air distribution and Swegon’s ADC provide maximum comfort and flexibility, both today and for future needs
  • Simplified installation with selectable air connection side
  • Can be ordered in several different colours

Technical specifications

Primary air flow Pressure range Total cooling capacity Heating capacity, water Size 
l/s Pa W W mm
< 55 50-150 1930 2450 690, 1290

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CE-Declaration (WISE gen.2) WISE SMAa Quality 373.35kB pdf
PARASOL EX-FAMILY. Designed to be seen PARASOL EX, WISE Parasol EX Brochure 2.13MB pdf
CE-Declaration (WISE gen.2) WISE SMBa Quality 375.97kB pdf
Instructions for Use (WISE.gen2) WISE Parasol EXa Instruction 8.06MB pdf
Suspended, demand-controlled comfort modules for Swegon’s WISE System (gen2) WISE Parasol EXa ProductSheet 4.43MB pdf
Building product declaration (WISE gen.2) WISE Parasol EXa Quality 211.69kB pdf