Air handling unit for external control functionality


Select the right model for your needs

SILVER C is available in several variants with different heat exchangers. You will find one that suits your needs.

High quality and compact measurements, for external control

SILVER C has the same excellent mechanical performance as our well-known GOLD, but comes without a control system.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Good casing performance
  • Energy efficient fans and effective heat recovery
  • Large selection of accessories
  • Supplemented with a separate control system
  • The AHU comes with a QR code for simple downloading of documentation to a smartphone or tablet

Download documents

Document Article Document type Size Format Download
Cooling unit, installation and maintenance, version G (SILVER C) COOL DX Instructions 1.13MB pdf
Adjustment, inclination of rotary heat exchangers GOLD/SILVER C RX 004-060 Instructions 341kB pdf
Adjustment, inclination of rotary heat exchangers GOLD/SILVER C RX 070-080 Instructions 142.9kB pdf
Recycling instruction for AHUs GOLD/SILVER C/COMPACT Quality 2.93MB pdf
EC declaration of conformity for the machinery GOLD/SILVER C/COMPACT Quality 139.64kB pdf
Fan Motor (without factory fitted motor control system) SILVER C Instructions 94.32kB pdf
Eurovent certificate SILVER C Quality 158.86kB pdf
Operation and maintenance SILVER C Instructions 6.62MB pdf
Description, AHU SILVER C Product sheet 2.06MB pdf
Byggvarudeklaration SILVER C Quality 108.45kB pdf
Motor control with integrated wiring terminals, fan SILVER C Instructions 495.04kB pdf
Damper actuator, plate heat exchanger SILVER C PX Instructions 225.12kB pdf
Sizing, installation, dimensions, weight SILVER C PX/CX Product sheet 7.52MB pdf
Sizing, installation, dimensions, weight SILVER C RX Product sheet 6.42MB pdf
Heat exchanger control system, 14 Nm (RECOnomic, sizes 100/120, RECOsorptic, sizes 80-120) SILVER C RX Instructions 394.49kB pdf
Heat exchanger control system, 2-8 Nm (RECOnomic, sizes 04-80, RECOsorptic, sizes 04-70) SILVER C RX Instructions 741.98kB pdf
Installation instruction (size 100/120) SILVER C RX/CX Instructions 4.35MB pdf
Installation instruction (sizes 004-080) SILVER C RX/PX/CX Instructions 11.22MB pdf
Sizing, installation, dimensions, weight SILVER C SD Product sheet 7.18MB pdf
Installation instruction SILVER C SD Instructions 4.07MB pdf
Hand-held terminal, fan motor control (SILVER C/MIRUVENT) TBLZ-4-75 Instructions 579.55kB pdf
Declaration of hygiene execution (GOLD/SILVER C) VDI 6022 Quality 169.39kB pdf
Guide hygiene execution (GOLD/SILVER C) VDI 6022 Instructions 1.34MB pdf

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