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Controlled mechanical ventilation units with high efficiency heat recovery

Mural is a range of controlled mechanical ventilation units with high efficiency heat recovery (up to 96%), composed of a counter flow aluminium plate exchanger, galvanized steel, class G4 and F7 (option) filters, a 70% bypass (100% for the HR Mural up 300 & 400eco) and centrifugal fans with high efficiency electronic motor (TAC series), from which it draws all the advantages.

The efficiency of the exchanger often makes adding a post- heating (or post-cooling) system superfluous, although such a system is provided as an option. It is delivered ready to use, entirely pre-wired -- the options too -- and with a remote control (to choose) or a MODBUS/ KNX communication for controlling the device without opening it... just connect to the power supply (outside the unit) and to the remote control or the MODBUS/KNX communication and to activate the unit, and it’s ready to run. The 450 model is available with horizontal or vertical (up version) airflow directions. Backward fans are mounted in the 300-400 and 450 ECO models.

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