Great climate comfort in a compact housing



  • Good operating economy for low air flows
  • Economic and smart control functions
  • Compact air handling unit that requires little space
  • Low noise level
  • Discrete design allows visible placement
  • Fast and simple installation

COMPACT – a series of air handling units from which you choose the unit according to your needs

Swegon’s inovative and proven technology, gives you a small and versatile unit, which provides good indoor environmental quality in small premises such as primary schools and offices for example. Your specific needs can be met by the range of accessories available


Here you can download Swegon’s product database for MagiCAD. Alternatively the products are also available in BIM format in MagiCloud.


If you have any technical installation questions, would like to order spare parts or submit a fault report?

Download documents

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EDE object types (GOLD LP/COMPACT) BACnet Others .47kB csv
Protocol (COMPACT) BACnet Others 36.83kB pdf
EDE state texts (GOLD LP/COMPACT) BACnet Others .14kB csv
EDE units (GOLD LP/COMPACT) BACnet Others 3.91kB csv
Protocol, version 2.01 and newer (COMPACT) BACnet Others 166.15kB pdf
Protocol, version 2.01 and newer, editable Excel file (COMPACT) BACnet Others 230.5kB xls
EDE, version 2.01 and newer (COMPACT) BACnet Others 57.15kB csv
Clean Air Control COMPACT Others 449.07kB pdf
All Year Comfort, function guide COMPACT Instructions 136.69kB pdf
EC declaration of conformity for the machinery COMPACT Quality 134.3kB pdf
Overview, menu groups COMPACT Air Instructions 56.44kB pdf
Wiring diagram COMPACT Air Instructions 149.06kB pdf
Installation and maintenance, v.3.04 COMPACT Air & Heat Instructions 2.86MB pdf
Installation and maintenance, v.3.02 COMPACT Air & Heat Instructions 4.68MB pdf
Description, AHU COMPACT Air & Heat Product sheet 2.72MB pdf
Installation and maintenance, v.3.00 COMPACT Air & Heat Instructions 2.7MB pdf
Control system COMPACT Air, Heat, Unit & Top Product sheet 251.93kB pdf
Building product declaration COMPACT Air/Heat Quality 333.63kB pdf
Wiring diagram COMPACT Heat Instructions 157.55kB pdf
Overview, menu groups COMPACT Heat Instructions 65.77kB pdf
Installation COMPACT LP Instructions 298.84kB pdf
Overview, menu groups COMPACT LP Instructions 108.84kB pdf
Control system COMPACT LP Product sheet 282.05kB pdf
Operation and Maintenance, program version 3.04 COMPACT LP Instructions 996.32kB pdf
Description, AHU COMPACT LP Product sheet 1.73MB pdf