Unit for the replacement of BAHCO ACJ

Air heater unit with integrated electrical and control equipment

The air heater unit is intended for detached houses, apartments and holiday homes with a maximum air flow of 160 l/s. The air heater unit has been especially developed to replace older units of the type Bahco ACJ.

CASA CombiWin is a simple and easy to use air heater unit. Operation of the unit is controlled, managed and monitored via the integrated control system and its control panel. Together with a heat recovery unit (for example, Swegon CASA R2) energy-efficiency and healthy indoor air are guaranteed for both the building and the residents. Heat energy from the warm recirculation air is utilised, which results in only a small amount of additional energy is required to heat the property. The heat recovery unit mixes fresh air in the recirculation air to ensure the indoor climate and air quality.

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