Guide: What can be done today to save energy?

Summer has finally reached the Scandinavian countries and it may with that be assumed that the warmer and more humid season is a challenge in many countries across the northern hemisphere today. In our energy efficiency guide we have dedicated an entire section to the explanation of the smaller adjustments that can be made to an existing solution for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), but which offer large savings in terms of energy consumption.

At this time of the year, it might be worth to review the target temperatures, even for offices. Many tend to be lighter dressed and our human bodies do not like vast temperatures differences going from hot to chilly. Usually quite some energy can be saved if the temperature aims for 22 degrees Celsius instead of 20-21˚ C.

Continuing on temperature, it happens too often that one indoor climate solution is cooling and another is heating, at the same time. This is usually because different indoor climate solutions aim for different targets. Two systems running at the same time is really a waste of energy.

It is of course important all year round, to understand the relationship between outdoor sunlight, indoor climate the specific building. It is even more important to do so when a sweltering summer sun gazes on a glazed façade, or on the other hand, the northern facing part of a building does not get any sunlight at all.


Learn more about this and other smaller means to greater energy savings in our guide.