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NEW : TACTouch simulator

Testing the new TACTouch is now a possibility with our new simulator, which has been designed to correspond to the reality of the utilisation.

This easy and simple feature allows you to test the new display and the new system from your own computer.

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Documento Artículo Tipo de documento Tamaño Formato Descargar
Pressure Sensor installation manual TAC5 Instruction 332.34kB pdf
Certificate EN1886 (Todos) Quality 275.21kB pdf
Installation manual regulation TAC5 + MODBUS TCPIP TAC5 Instruction 2.16MB pdf
REACH certificate GB (Todos) Quality 521.63kB pdf
050199_GLOBAL_MC_SW_EN_20201126 GLOBAL TAC5 Instruction 11.79MB pdf
MI Regulation TAC5 + MODBUS TABLE GB.pdf TAC5 Instruction 1.24MB pdf

 Please click on the link below and use following password : 081625252

Unzip the file; launch the application; accept the agreement; add the password; click on Install; when the download is finished click on End.